Personal Development

What to Do With Your Ideal, Perfect Self

If you have gone through sufficient self improvement techniques such as eating healthy at halal restaurants in manchester and more, you should be able to call forth your ideal, perfect self. Once you’ve done that, you may proceed to fully utilise the power of your highest self. One of the things you can do with your perfect self, after you’ve practised for at least 10 days, is to start working on eliminating those inner monsters of yours.

You can delete your inner monsters in the form of negative beliefs and in- stall new, positive, constructive ones with the help of your ideal self. To do this, simply go through the process again, visualizing your perfect self’s super- strings consuming and affecting every cell, every string of your being, until you become that perfect, ideal self.  It’s better to just play it from memory at this stage.

When you are this perfect being, you are able to do, have and be just about anything that is humanly possible to do, have or be. So take advantage of that! One inner monster you should deal with is your memories of past, negative experiences. Now that you are your ideal, perfect self, imagine that you are able to go back in time to that specific event, being the everything-is-possible person that you are, and advise your self at that time, younger than you are now, concerning what to do to avoid, evade, ignore, overcome or understand that negative experience.

Now that you are that perfect being, you disintegrate yourself into superstrings and enter the body of your younger, less experienced self, at that time, and deal with the problem at hand, with the knowledge, wisdom and power that you possess right now. Virtually re-write your history. Change that negative experience as you so desire. You may not be able to change the
past at all in reality, but you can change the way you feel about it, in your mind, in your emotions. Do that.

Return to your initial form. Start recollecting your superstrings and re-form into a complete, physical being. Then, move on to the next thing you’d like to change, whatever that is. Can you see how powerful this exercise is? How it can really change your life for the bet- ter, at last, if you’d just put it into practice? For once in your life, instead of just reading it, do it! Do it! Do it! Now! It amazes me how something so effective, so life-transforming, so potent, can be so simple to do. It really is simple. top you from reaching where you’re supposed to be.