Suggestions For your Next Holiday Destination

There are many popular tourist destinations around the world. There are many countries that are know for their best tourist spots. Some countries consider tourism as one of the major contributor for their economy which is why they are promoting their tourism so much. However, there are some places that are not usually the first choice if you are choosing for a holiday destination. For travellers and explorers, they usually want to go those places that haven’t been bombarded with tourist yet. Sometimes, the best experience are in the places that are not exploited yet because you can really experience the culture they have, and look for halal food near me or halal hotel restaurant singapore if you are a Muslim. Here are some of suggestions if you are planning for your next holiday destination.

Far Northern Vietnam
Vietnam is one of the tourists go-to places in south east Asia. But usually, people are going to the more popular places such as Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. Northern Vietnam has several lesser visited national parks. The place is known for their trekking spots. It is usual to stay in a homestay when you are staying in this part of Vietnam. It is a great way to experience how are locals living in this part.

Lithuania is a little country in Europe that is filled with castles and forests. Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania is named as a UNESCO World Heritage Sight. If you are interested with architecture, Vilnius is ideal for you because it has churches with beautiful façade. Walk-around and experience history in Old Town Vilnius. Lithuania has a good bus system that you can easily travel from one place to another. They also have ferry’s available that can take you to other places aside from Vilnius.

Iran is usually portrayed as a dangerous destination. But that is not the case. Iran is one of the most diverse countries in the world. Iran is such a big country that you would want to dedicate a time to explore all it could offer. Iran can feed your soul with rich history, nature, architecture and adventure. What is very notable with them is their hospitality. They say that an Iranian hospitality is incomparable, which can be a sole reason to go there.

Sumba, Indonesia
For the recent years, we have seen the rising popularity of Bali as a tourist destination. What people don’t know is that an hour and a half flight from Bali, there is another paradise called Sumba. The landcape in this area of Indonesia is impeccable. With all their beaches, rolling hills, traditional villages and hidden lagoons, you can always find a beautiful photo spot in there.

However, since this is not a usual tourist destination, there are very few hotel options and most of the offering are very basic.
Travelling is good for the soul. You travel to gain your experience and to know more about different cultures around the world. Sometimes, it is good to explore this countries with few people because it hasn’t been exploited so much yet. You can have a better experience of the country that way.