Reasons to Get Shavers and Shirts as Gifts for Men

The men in our lives may sometimes act macho and pretend not to like mushy or sentimental stuff. Even so, that does not mean that you should not get them gifts. But what kind of gifts will be suitable for them? Well, how about shavers and shirts, two things that men love, besides both starting with the letter ‘S’. Here are some other reasons to get shavers and shirts as gifts for men.


A Beard is Harder to Maintain.
To maintain the clean-shaven look, all men need is a shaver, shaving cream and aftershave. If they prefer using an electric shaver, they need even less. As such, they wikl only need a few things to look clean all the time. On the other hand, maintaining a beard requires more work from them. To maintain a beard, they need all of the products mentioned above plus beard hair products. Buying beard hair products regularly will also put a dent in their current bank account. It takes more time and money to style a beard than to simply shave off their facial hair.

They may only Be Wearing a Beard Just to be Trendy.
The rise of the beard was partly because of the rise of the “hipster” movement, which essentially went against the norms set by big business and consumerism. More guys grew hair to respond to the strict corporate codes favouring the conservative clean-shaven look. Many companies also followed suit. The problem with this seemingly anti-establishment trend is that it has become commercial. It has gone from being part of a movement to being just a trend and nothing else. In fact, a 2017 article in the website ShaveTalks cites a 2014 study which proves the ubiquity of the beard trend may have made it less attractive. Simply put, trendy beards can do you worse than better in the dating department. So tell your men not to grow a beard just to ride the bandwagon, grow a beard because they’ve been regularly growing one, or because they really want to have one. If not, get the shaver for your men, especially if he’s your husband or boyfriend, so that he’ll shave more often and look neat.

Next let’s explore why you should get shirts as gifts for your men.

Shirts are a Daily Necessity
Unless your man likes to prance around topless or is a nudist, shirts are definitely part of his daily wardrobe and lives. In addition, shirts come in many designs and sizes, can be used at home or for a trip out with you, and are affordable. So get affordable and nice shirts for your man, and save your money for other necessary daily essentials.

Shirts can be Customised

Shirts can be easily customised with personal names, phrases, quotes and designs to suit your man’s taste and liking. In fact, there are also funny shirts for men with hilarious designs and wordings, that will definitely cause your man to laugh out loud. Many of them also come in different colours, so there are ample choices for any kind of man. One popular site that you can check out for all the latest funny shirts, mugs and more is