How to Hold Virtual Team Building Activities for Your Company in Singapore

Introduction to Team Building in Singapore
Team building is a process that helps groups of people to work more effectively together. It is done by investing time, money, and resources for the improvement of the team. To be successful in the future, organizations will need to develop their employees’ skills in order to increase productivity. Companies are looking for ways to improve their workplace culture and employ teams that are more engaged. Engaged employees are more productive and committed to the organization’s goals.

Why Virtual Team Building Activities Are So Important for a Business
Virtual team building is a new, innovative way of bringing people together for training, allowing them to work ahead of time on their team building and interaction skills. This way, they are better ahead prepared for any obstacles they might face when collaborating face-to-face. Virtual team building also provides the opportunity to meet new people with different backgrounds and get to know them before meeting in person. People from different countries and cultures come together and learn more about each other. It is not just about meeting people and building relationships, but also about getting work done and be able to rely on each other.

Types of Virtual Team Building Activities
Team-building activities in the virtual world might be more difficult to orchestrate than in real life, but they are surprisingly effective. Virtual games and quizzes provide an interactive environment that encourages teamwork and collaboration. Whether it is for a team of two or a group of 100, virtual team building games are an effective way to bring people together and build relationships.

One such activity is a virtual scavenger hunt that would not only be fun for our team, but also be a way for team members to learn more about each other and break the ice. The activity can run over two days, and you can have three teams of five people each. The first day can be selected as the Phase 1 Day, where team members will have to play 50 questions that are designed to get them talking about themselves. On the second day, team members can played phases 2-9 of the game together as a group. This will provide an opportunity for the team members to get closer and show what they are made of in terms of leadership skills while also making sure that everyone feel comfortable with one another.

How to Organise your Own Awesome Virtual Team Building Activity
Before conducting virtual team building activities, allow time to prepare, execute, and debrief activities. Make sure the management is in agreement on what types of activities are to be conducted and how they should be evaluated. Schedule time for follow-up discussions about activities and evaluate any changes that might need to be made based on feedback from participants’ evaluations. Prepare a final report about the day’s activities in the form of a PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation or PDF document that includes assessments, discussions, evaluations, and debriefing.