Destinations to Visit On a Japan Alps Tour

Introduction to the Japanese Alps
The Japanese Alps are a series of mountain ranges in the country of Japan. The main chain of mountains extends from the northernmost island of Hokkaidō, to the southern end of Kyūshū. The range extends over a length of about 400 kilometres and has numerous peaks averaging between 1,500 metres and 2,300 m high.

The Japanese Alps are also called the Hidaka Mountain Range, and they range from lowlands to highlands. The highest peak is Mt. Minobu which has an altitude of 3,190 meters above sea level. Mount Myōken is the second tallest peak with an altitude of 3,180 meters above sea level; it is followed by Mount Yae at 2,938 meters above sea level. The Japanese Alps are home to many types of wildlife like bears, deer, boars and even monkeys!

What is the Best Time to Visit the Japanese Alps?
The Japanese Alps are a perfect place to go during the spring and summer months. The summers offer plenty of hiking opportunities and the springs offer scenic views. Tourist season in Japan starts in April and continues through October. However, the Japanese Alps are best visited between late April and mid-June or early September and early October since they’ll be pleasantly warm with no typhoons or heavy snowfall. You can easily book a Japanese Alps tour through a luxury travel agent.

Best Alpine Destinations in Japan
In this section, we will talk about the best alpine destinations you can visit when on a japanese alps tour. Mount Fuji is one of the most iconic alpine sites in Japan. When the sun rises over the mountain’s white slopes, it can be seen from miles away. The mountain is a favorite destination for both tourists and locals. Hakone, a resort town just outside Mount Fuji, is a popular tourist destination because it offers visitors views of Mount Fuji. If you are willing to make a stop on your way to climb Mount Fuji, this town could be right for you.

Apart from Mount Fuji, there are many famous sites to see in the beautiful Japanese alps mountainous regions. Lake Nojiri is one of them. This lake is surrounded by lush green forests which you can hike through on your way to the mountain itself for great views of Mount Fuji.

There are also many beautiful sights in the Japanese Alps including hot springs called onsen. Onsen are natural hot springs in Japan which are used for bathing. They are thought to have therapeutic properties. Hot springs became popular when they were introduced to the West in the early 1900s.

On top of that, the Japanese Alps are also home to many ski resorts that will keep you entertained all year round with their stunning views and world class ski slopes. You can go hiking, skiing, or just enjoy the peace and quiet of the mountains. Some popular resorts include: Akakura Onsen Ski Resort and Happo-One Ski Resort.

Another destination you should visit on your Japanese Alps tour is the Shirakawa-go farmhouses. The town of Shirakawa-go has been preserved for centuries by farmers who use natural farming techniques to grow their crops. You can see this by visiting their rice paddies that are completely surrounded by stone walls.

Japan is a country with a rich culture and history, and one of the best places to visit is the Japanese Alps. The Japanese Alps comprise a mountainous region across Nagano, Niigata, Toyama, Shizuoka and Yamanashi prefectures. There are many fantastic spots to visit in the Japanese Alps.