A Comprehensive Guide to Buying a Piano Keyboard Cover

Why Buy a Piano Keyboard Cover?
A piano’s keyboard is one of the most vulnerable parts of it to damage. A pianist can accidentally hit the keys while playing, or their pet might jump up on the bench, causing a domino effect of broken keys. Piano owners may also have children who are clumsy or pets that like to chew on things.

The good news is there are products on the market to help safeguard your baby grand against these dangers. One product that can safeguard your piano against these dangers is a keyboard cover for pianos. These protective covers provide an extra layer of protection for your instrument and come in many different designs with many different features you might need in order to safeguard your piano.

What to Consider First When Buying a Piano Keyboard Cover
Before buying a piano keyboard cover from a top site like, you will need to know what size keyboard you have. Always bear in mind that piano keyboards come in two different sizes – 88-keys and 61-keys. When purchasing a cover, make sure that the size of your keyboard is an appropriate match for your keyboard cover. The length of the piano must be considered as well. Some covers are too large for smaller pianos and overlap key surfaces, making them difficult to play or causing them to stick.

Types of Piano Keyboard Covers
When purchasing a keyboard cover, consumers should consider the material that is used to make the cover. They should also look for any extra features that may be more important to them. There are many types of keyboard covers for pianos. For instance, some are made of felt, others are made of rubber, while some are even made of leather. They differ in color and texture too – some are transparent while others have a pattern on them. There is also the type that is worn as a glove over the hand, which can be useful if you want to play but do not want the grime from your fingers to get on the keys.

Felt covers are less expensive and more durable than rubber ones but they require regular washing to keep them clean. Rubber covers typically last longer than felt ones but they require more care when placing them on or taking them off of your piano’s keys. One of the best materials for a keyboard cover is leather. It is durable, flexible and breathable and will not break down with use. The downside to using leather as a material is the price point which can be high depending on what type of leather it is made from.

Where to Buy A Piano Keyboard Cover?
Piano keyboard covers are a great way to protect your keyboard while also giving it a nice aesthetic touch. These covers are also more affordable than buying new keyboards, as the prices range from from less than $50 to a few hundred dollars, depending on what you’re looking for.

Different covers can be purchased online at various sites such as Amazon, Etsy, and eBay or piano niche sites such as Clairevoire. It’s important to keep in mind that you may also need to purchase adhesive strips or fabric glue if you want your keyboard cover to stay attached to the keys of your keyboard.

Conclusion: It’s Time to Choose Your Style of Piano.
A piano keyboard cover is an excellent investment for every piano owner. It protects the instrument from dust and humidity, scratches, accidents and wear and tear. As such, it is a must have for any piano enthusiast to ensure the longevity of their pianos.