Advantages of Hand Disinfectant

With the pandemic these days, it is very important to have a hand disinfectant in your bag. Although it is still recommended to wash your hands with soap and water, hand disinfectants are handy if you cannot have an access with soap and water. Always remember to use a disinfectant that has a 60% alcohol. This is enough to stop the spread of germs. But what are the advantages of using a hand disinfectant.

Can reduce the number of microbes in the hand
Alcohol-based hand disinfectants can reduce the number of microbes on hand. But note that hand sanitizers cannot eliminate all bad microbes. It takes lesser time to kill the micro-organism on hands. Washing with soap and water requires you to do it for at least 20-30 seconds. With this hand disinfectant, it takes shorter time for it to kill the micro-organisms. However, it cannot kill all the microbes that needs to be killed.

It is portable and accessible.
Hand disinfectants can easily be put in your bag and can be used immediately. Yes, you can travel with your soap, but not all places have a sink where you can wash your hands properly. Hand disinfectants are less irritating to the skin than soap and water. Some anti-bacterial soaps can be irritating to the skin. It can also be drying to your hands. These hand disinfectants are good because some of them has a moisturizing ingredients that keeps our hands moisturized.

Great for outdoors or group settings
Because of its portability, it is good to have multiple bottles of hand disinfectant for outside activity or group activity. Again, having a sink where you can wash your hands is not always available. Having multiple hand disinfectants in one group can allow the members to sanitize their hands from time to time.

Lessening the spread and risk for disease
This pandemic shows us the importance of washing or sanitizing one’s hands. With your disinfectant, you can sanitize your hands from time to time to avoid the spread of the germs you got throughout the day.

Always remember that hand disinfectants cannot replace proper hand washing. It is always better to practice proper hand washing to lessen your risk from the disease. But hand disinfectants are there and it is a great help to avoid the spread of germs and virus. Since it can be easily accessed, there is no reason for you not to use it. Remember, it is better to use a disinfectant rather than be infected by whatever germs or bacteria you have at your hands. So always practice sanitizing your hands from time to time.